Sun-sational Snack

This mouthwatering treat will take your tastebuds on a sweet and savory adventure.

Reggaetawa Pickled and Roasted Salt Fish. Enjoy on crackers as is or mixed with cream-cheese as a spread on crackers

Wibisco Wheat Crackers ~ an Island tradition for its unique combination of firm texture and crisp bite

Caribbean Dreams Honey Ginger natural and aromatic herbal Tea

Pearl Brand Pepper Jelly Ginger is handcrafted and produced in small batches in Jamaica using natural fruit and peppers. We ensure great taste and flavor without using any artificial colors or preservatives

Butterkist Ginger Cookies, classic Jamaican biscuits with ginger flavor. It can be enjoyed with milk as a delicious snack. (or coconut)

Sun-sational Snack

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