My Story

Greetings and welcome!

I am Judy, Founder and CEO of Tekataste, an invitation to experience Caribbean Island hospitality through our unique gourmet gifts. My fondest memories celebrating flavorful Jamaican food and spices were with my family growing up in Kingston, Jamaica. Traditional food culture and music was a way to connect, build community and friendships while sharing the exotic tastes of the island. Whether we were roasting a pig on the open fire in the backyard, or sucking on a mango under the mango tree, the aroma and tastes lingered on with me throughout the many years living in the United States.

My love for sharing the culture and my creativity fueled the creation of many gourmet gift baskets, shared with friends, and donated to charity events. This eventually captured the interest of the Jamaica Tourist Board's (JTB) when they won a raffled gift basket at an event. Distinctive and delightful artisan products showcased the pride and culture of Jamaica. Soon after, I received many orders, shipped nationally, and enjoyed by JTB clients including Harry Belafonte, American Airlines, Caribbean Tourism Organization, and the United Nations to name a few. I soon realized the need for authentic flavors from Jamaican artisans. Tekataste was born!

As a minority and woman business owner with a professional career in both corporate and social sectors, I'm well prepared to offer my clients specialized service. I value authenticity, hospitality, community, and inclusion. Our gifts are high in quality inviting you to share the adventure of Caribbean flavors with your friends, family, staff, clients, and business associates. Surprise them, delight them, appreciate them with a personal and memorable touch. I invite you to "tekataste" (take-a-taste) with us!