Market Crate

This whopper of a gift has just about everything one would find in a Jamaican kitchen.

Pukka Hot sauce made from fragrant fresh Jamaican Scotch bonnet peppers. This sauce gives that extra spicy boost to steak, chicken, fish and soup dishes. But be warned. It is very hot.

Caribbean Dreams Honey Ginger natural and aromatic herbal Tea

Wibisco Wheat Crackers ~ an Island tradition for its unique combination of firm texture and crisp bite

Spicy Calypso Chutney add to sandwiches, enjoy on crackers or add to stews

Busha Browne’s Spicy Pepper Sherry, For the discerning palate, a supreme embellishment to add a magical taste to soups, seafood bisques and savory drinks such as Bloody Marys.

Reggaetawa Pickled and Roasted Salt Fish. Enjoy on crackers as is or mixed with cream-cheese as a spread on crackers

Busha Browne’s Wet Jerk seasoning the quintessential taste of Jamaica - a hot, exotic blend of herbs and spices. To be used in the preparation of meats, poultry or seafood prior to cooking

Shirley Cookies-flavorful and crunchy coconut or ginger cookies adds a sweet treat for your enjoyment

Market Crate

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