Curry Jackfruit with nuts


Deseeded Jackfruit pegs (do not use the over ripe fruit, the dish is great if the fruit pegs are firm)
Walkerswood West Indian Curry Paste
Walkerswood spicy Calypso Chutney
Sweet peppers (green & red)
Mixed nuts or trail mix (best with almonds, cashew & cranberries)
Vegetable oil
Coconut Milk or half cup of Water
Large Frying Pan

Curry Jackfruit with nuts


Step 1: Rub some Walkerswood curry paste all over the Jack-fruit pegs

Step 2: Heat oil in Large frying pan

Step 3: Throw in Jackfruit pegs in frying pan

Step 4: Add Onions and stir fry for 2-3 minutes
Step 5: Add slices of Sweet peppers (green & red)

Step 6: Add half bottle of Walkerswood spicy Calypso Chutney

Step 7: Continue to stir fry and add coconut Milk or half cup of boiling water

Step 8: Stir fry for a few minutes until the gravy thickens

Be prepared for some mouthwatering, scrumptious spicy fruits and nuts great to eat with biscuits, bread, roti or rice